The Beat.

To be completely honest here, I struggled when trying to come up with a topic for a beat that I can cover throughout the semester. I originally thought to cover a sports team, but then figured that many of my fellow classmates would do the same.  So instead, I have decided to cover a beat focusing on Quinnipiac’s diversity and multicultural education program.

Last semester, I studied abroad in London.  I felt inspired by going more into depth about the opportunities Quinnipiac offers its students to go abroad.  My experience abroad was life-changing and one of the most enlightening things that I have ever done, so I wanted to draw on my own personal experience and elaborate more on Quinnipiac as a multicultural community.

With this blog, I plan on writing about the whole abroad process and conducting several interviews with the Office of Multicultural and Global Education, international students and Quinnipiac students who have been abroad about their experiences in a different country. I also want to explore the diversity alone on the QU campus. There has been much discussion throughout the years that Quinnipiac is not diverse, however, with the school expanding, it has been reaching out to a more diverse incoming class.

I hope that I can provide readers of this blog with a more understanding view of the whole abroad process and what it is like to live in a different culture for a certain period of time through the eyes of others. I would also like to explore the different steps that Quinnipiac has taken to make the school a more culturally diverse place.

I will be updating this content continuously throughout the semester, and hope you all enjoy!


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